IP Video System Design Tool

IP Video System Design Tool 11.0

Sets up precise monitoring parameters for surveillance
Work with various monitoring devices in the surveillance control application with tools to set up a camera's field of view, lens focal length, manage the CCTV data storage and calculate bandwidth. Importing plans of the premises from AutoCAD, Google Earth or Visio is possible.

IP Video System Design Tool is a software program that offers the tools to efficiently design complex video surveillance systems.
It is quite easy to install, though it does take a few minutes to complete the installation.
It has a simple interface, it lacks theme customization options, but it does impress with the way the menu and the buttons are displayed into the front window.
Besides that, the response time of user actions is fast, but at the same time, the program uses a lot of computer memory, especially when you start the program.

The features include tools that can calculate the focal length of a camera, viewing angles and pixel density.
Also, it helps you lower the costs of your security system and improve efficiency by finding the right places to place the cameras.

In addition to those, IP Video System Design Tool offers the possibility to import AutoCAD drawings and load floor plans from JPEG, PNG or TIFF files. Export options to formats such as PDFs, MS Word, Excel are also available.

To sum it up, IP Video System Design Tool is a useful tool for individuals who seek to design surveillance systems in a professional manner, but it's a tool which requires some previous experience in this area, and which may be a bit too expensive.

John Saunders
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  • The menu and the buttons are well-organized
  • Has a feature that calculates the focal length of a camera
  • Offers the possibility to import AutoCAD drawings
  • Supports export to PDF, MS Word or Excel


  • Lacks theme customization options
  • High usage of computer memory at the start of the program
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